Contract offer


1.1. This Contract offer defines the relationships between the Buyer and the Seller.
1.2. The Seller reserves the right to change this Contract.
1.3. URL of the current version of this Contract in the internet:


2.1. The Seller undertakes to transfer property in goods to the Buyer, and the Buyer undertakes to accept and pay for the goods in accordance with this Contract.


3.1. The Seller of goods available for sale on the forum website is a Limited Liability Company “MEDIA AGENCY”. Payment of participation fees through the website is carried out remotely.
3.2. The Seller does not require the Buyer to take special actions regarding the website usage, such as filling out the registration form or contracting the website usage and payment of participation fees.
3.3. This Contract constitutes a public offer. The accept of the present offer shall be done upon the payment of participation fees chosen by the Buyer. The Contract of sale is formed at the time of payment of participation fees.
3.4. The information that is published on the website is publicly available, unless otherwise specified in the present Contract.
3.5. The Seller is not responsible for the content or accuracy of the information provided by the Buyer while ordering.
3.6. By making a participation order the Buyer expresses its consent to receive the information about the Forum via email and/or phone calls.


4.1. The Buyer is a person who has made an independent participation order through the forum website in accordance with this Contract.
4.2. The Buyer is responsible for the accuracy of information provided while ordering.
4.3. Making the participation order through the forum website means that the Buyer expresses its consent to be bound to this Contract.
4.4. The Buyer makes the participation order by pressing the “Pay” button.


5.1. While making the participation order through the forum website, the Buyer undertakes to provide the following information: name, last name, phone number and email address.
5.2. The Seller can not edit the Buyer’s personal information.
5.3. After the participation order has been made, the Buyer automatically receives the personal ID (“order number”). The Buyer also receives a notification about the order confirmation to the email address provided while ordering.
5.4. The Buyer independently selects a payment method among those offered by the Seller while ordering. The Buyer undertakes to pay for the goods in accordance with the chosen payment method.
5.5. The order that has been paid and entered into the database can guarantee that the Buyer is allowed to participate in the Forum in accordance with the chosen ticket option (online, standard, business, VIP), if the following two conditions are met: 1) the payment is the same that the relevant price displayed on the forum website at the time of payment; 2) the payment is no less than the minimum for the 2021 forum (3200 roubles).


6.1. Requesting for the refund is possible at least one month (30 calendar days) before the forum. With less than a month (30 calendar days) remaining before the forum, requesting for the refund is impossible.
6.2 To refuse from the participation and receive the funds back, the Buyer undertakes to contact the support team on the forum website at A form for requesting for the refund is up to the Buyer and should contain the following subject: “I want to receive my funds for participation in KINZA back”.
6.3. In case of refund, the Buyer is not allowed to participate in the forum.
6.3.1. The Buyer refuses from participation in the forum at the moment of requesting for the refund.
6.4. The website Administration has the right to deny participation in the forum without explanation and notifying the user. In this case, the website Administration returns the full funding that has been paid for participating in the forum. The refund may be considered a notice of rejection of participation.
6.5. While requesting for the refund, the Buyer automatically expresses its consent to pay the commission fee. The commission fee is charged by returning the sum that is lower than that paid for participation in the forum.
6.5.1. The commission fee for the refund may reach a maximum of 15% depending on the payment method chosen by the Buyer. The commission fee amount is determined by tax revenue and the amount of fees charged by payment systems that the website Administration pays while accepting the Buyer’s funds.
6.6. Processing the refund request may take up to 15 working days from time of request.
6.6.1. Response to the refund request is received in a form of email to the address, from which the request was sent.


7.1. To pay for the participation in the forum online through the CloudPayments service that is used on the website is possible with the following payment methods:
– credit cards (VISA, MasterCard)
– other payment methods
7.2. The security of payments is ensured by using the SSL protocol for transferring the client’s personal information to the server for further processing. Subsequently data is transmitted via the highly secure banking networks.
7.3. Encrypted personal data (card details, registration info, etc.) is being processed at the processing centre. Thus, nobody, including the Seller, can obtain personal and banking data of the client, including those concerning products he purchased in other shops and on other websites.